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This blog is devoted to new North Lincolnshire based Mystery Shopper company - Myster-E-Shopper.

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Myster-E-ShopperPosted by Barry Wed, November 03, 2010 13:52:55

Hello there!

We are Myster-E-Shopper, a brand new family owned Mystery Shopping business based in North Lincolnshire. We cover North and North East Lincolnshire and much of the North, East and South Yorkshire region.

We cover the following towns and cities...











And all villages and small towns in the surrounding areas. You can see the radius of the area we cover on our website map.

We offer instant feedback and results. If you want a report on the same day as we visit your business, we can offer this service by sending the report via email as a PDF document.

We welcome businesses small and large and offer reasonable rates. We also cater for specified needs. If you want us to check out a certain department or service, either as a one off visit or a series of visits over a period of time we will gladly comply.

We are a NEW company formed in October 2010. All employees are known and trusted by us - we have not recruited anybody via online ads nor will we be offering vacancies to join us for some time.

We hope that Myster-E-Shopper can and will be of benefit to your business during these uncertain times.

Please visit our website for more information and our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.